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Sharing inspirational stories that provide physical activity and workout motivation. A community that helps you find a new activity, provides support to workout from home and encourages people to talk about the true barriers to participation.

Inspirational Stories. Inspirational People.

Tamara Olaniyan

“I had a relationship with fitness but it was sporadic. I took fitness seriously in spurts: when I needed to enlist in the military. Before that, I ran...

Anisha Gangotra

“By day I work within the NHS and by night I’m an Inclusive Dance and Zumba Instructor. Growing up, I was super active. I loved playing sports. Hockey...

Holly Clyne

“I’ve not always had my disability, in fact, growing up I was extremely sporty. I did karate lessons, signed up for every event at sports day, ran charity...

Rob McMurdo

“From being 5 For 22 years I played football, week in and week out. I started to lose the excitement that football gave me and so aged 28...

Shweta Minz

“I have always been fit and healthy but things turned sideways when I was diagnosed with “invisible disease” which people know as “hypothyroidism”. My weight started piling off...

David Clarke

“As a boy growing up I was always fit, running around riding bikes and roller blading which I still do. As I grew up the busyness of life...

Stacey Hitchcock

“Since becoming a Mum, my attitude to fitness has changed dramatically. I want to be a positive role model for my daughter showing her that fitness is a...

Gareth Mate

“My name is Gareth, I’m English, but live in the Netherlands. I have always loved sport and continually enjoyed being outdoors. Sport and the outdoors provides a hobby...

Nelly Kasei

“I wasn’t really sporty. I spent most of my primary school in choir. I loved it because there was less effort. However; I became adventurous when I joined...

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