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Sharing inspirational stories that provide physical activity and workout motivation. A community that helps you find a new activity, provides support to workout from home and encourages people to talk about the true barriers to participation.

Inspirational Stories. Inspirational People.

Amy Mackenzie

From a very young age I have always been incredibly active. Growing up I was like most normal kids, swimming lessons, bike rides and trips to the playground....

Andy Raju

“It was actually being accepted via ballot entry for the 2014 London Marathon that got me into running. What I learnt over time is that no runner started...

Priscilla Lagally

“I was a very active child back then. I join every single sport in school because that makes me happy. My fitness journey started when I was 18...


“I was the kid who HATED gym class growing up. I did the minimum to get by. But I’ve always been a girl after a challenge. When I...

Mickael Boulogne

“Two years ago I decided to get serious about sports. After multiple health problems, exertional asthma, one leg smaller than the other is betting on running a marathon....

Sarah Sorbek

“Never take your health for granted. It can disappear in an instant. I grew up as an athlete – competitive gymnastics followed by competitive swimming. I then got...

Bethany Rose

“Since as a young girl I guess I had always been quite active and when I got into middle school I joined up to the cross country group...

Hannah Rehel

“I was that girl that walked by a mirror and turned her head away because she would cry every time she saw herself. One day I got fed...

Elaine Smith

“I am old now. I have struggled with mental health all my life due to an unhappy childhood. I was anorexic at 15 and experienced suicidal thoughts from...

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