Our first collaboration

Our first collaboration is with Active Suffolk and their This Girl Can ambassadors. Humans of HIIT was born as result of the pandemic. Motivation was low and routine non-existent. Humans of HIIT brings the motivation to be active through your inspirational stories and are pleased to have This Girl Can ambassadors involved. Collaborating with an organisation with similar values is a great way to inspire more of our community to participate in physical activity.

The This Girl Can campaign aims to inspire women to take part in physical activity without the fear of judgement. Humans of HIIT want to encourage you to talk about health and wellbeing through inspirational stories and this is exactly what the This Girl Can ambassadors portray. There are currently 70 ambassadors who have each overcome barriers by doing physical activity and sport. If you are struggling with motivation, this collaboration will give you that much needed boost.

Between 3-9 August, Humans of HIIT shared inspirational stories from the ambassadors. Just like the Humans of HIIT community, the ambassadors highlight the positive impact physical activity has had on them.

This campaign has been particularly important during lockdown because research suggests women are not meeting the 150 minutes of moderate activity over five days. This Girl Can ambassador, Angela Soames (direct link) felt she could no longer fit everything in. You are probably feeling the same and we hope the stories will inspire you to undertake activities. If you are not sure where to begin, the Humans of HIIT community have regular workouts for you to follow in your own time. No matter your ability, there is an activity out there for you.

The Campaign also celebrates how Ambassadors like Charlotte (direct link) have overcome barriers relating to mental health. Charlotte opens up about how her fitness levels dropped as she suffered with PTSD but is now walking and horse riding again and like Humans of HIIT, wants to inspire others to overcome barriers.

We hope the stories will encourage you to look at ways to include physical activity into your ‘new normal’ and show you are not alone. We are only human and our stories are from real people who open up about their health and wellbeing and how physical activity has helped them. We want to be an open and honest community to positively help one another.

Check out the full Campaign here! (https://www.activesuffolk.org/news/2020/08/this-girl-can-ambassadors-from-suffolk-share-inspirational-stories-as-part-of-an-exciting-new-collaboration)


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