There are over 7 billion Humans

and every single one has a relationship with physical activity and working out. Our aim is to inspire everyone to be active through sharing these relationships. We then use our amazing community to point the new activity seekers in the right direction.


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What is Humans of HIIT?

Humans of HIIT is a community of amazing individuals that have a passion for life and our aims are simple:
  • Share inspirational stories from real people about their honest relationship with physical activity and working out throughout their lives
  • Create and enable conversation about our physical and mental well-being
  • Provide an activity finder where you can work out where to workout
  • Provide online workouts for free or incredibly cheap prices

We want to build relationships with incredible people. Whether that be meeting individuals or creating meaningful partnerships with activity providers. 

Quite simply, we are a friendly face that wants the world to be a more active place. 

The community is powered by myself, Alex, and my wonderful friends. Below are some of the key contributors but there are many more who have helped us along the way

Humans of HIIT Alex Cole

A moment of isolation is all it took.

I wanted to be a professional footballer. Shock. I had a great childhood that was filled to the brim with activity, a different sport every night of the week. I just didn’t know I was bang average at all of them, rather than the baller I dreamed of becoming. My early teens were hard.

I was bullied daily at school and family troubles saw friction between everyone, including my siblings, so we found it hard to be around eachother. Sport was my outlet. At 15, the realisation hit that I wasn’t going to be a Footballer and I felt lost. I attended an amazing after school club and by this age, I was too old to take part so I decided to volunteer with them. One of the leaders changed my life forever…

Our Partners

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We are always looking for active partnerships. We want to reach as many people from around the world, and get stories to share. Please contact us if you think that Humans of HIIT could help your organisation.


Humans of HIiT is a not for profit organisation aiming to work with partners from every industry to ensure we can inspire everyone to be active. We believe through sharing stories we can inspire then connect people to activity.

If you would like to find out more, please drop Alex an email at

We are a not for profit organisation who wants to inspire people to be active forever!
A small donation will ensure the free workouts stay free for those that need it.