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Have you ever read something so inspirational your life changed from that moment? Ever listened to a person pour out their emotions and feel motivated to better yourself?

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Sarah Sorbek

“Never take your health for granted. It can disappear in an instant. I grew up as an athlete – competitive gymnastics followed by competitive swimming.

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Hannah Rehel

“I was that girl that walked by a mirror and turned her head away because she would cry every time she saw herself. One day

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Elaine Smith

“I am old now. I have struggled with mental health all my life due to an unhappy childhood. I was anorexic at 15 and experienced

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Something New

Humans of HIIT Founder Alex here and I’m trying something new!  Am I good enough? Will I be taken seriously? Will I fail?  The usual

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These inspirational stories are from real people with real relationships with physical activity and working out. We will be forever grateful for their courage to share their story with the world because they want others to be more active.

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Humans of HIiT is a not for profit organisation aiming to work with partners from every industry to ensure we can inspire everyone to be active. We believe through sharing stories we can inspire then connect people to activity.

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