Lauren Jeffries

“Before I joined Humans of HIIT I dreaded the thought of exercising, always feeling so unmotivated and uncomfortable within myself. Social media played a big part in this as well for me with so many people in their fitness communities whether that’s gym partners, running groups or boot camps, I just really wanted to be a part of something but I just didn’t even know where to start! I isolated myself completely, felt embarrassed as I’ve never been into fitness at all and I always thought I would be judged if I went to a gym. I would always say ‘yes I’ll start the gym next Monday’ like we all say! But when Monday came I would avoid the conversation at all costs. My job in retail keeps me active, being on my feet all day but I was still unhappy in myself, putting on a bit of weight here and there and feeling I was missing out on something.

Forwarding on to about 6/7 weeks ago I would of never of thought we’d be living in these circumstances let alone me exercising in this time as well?! My life has completely changed and for the better, thanks to Humans of HIIT. My friend Rebecca and I were trying to motivate eachother during these difficult times but I couldn’t help myself, eating out of boredom constantly.

By week 3 of being at home I realised I was putting on even more weight and feeling so down about myself. Rebecca called me one day and said her brother, Alex was starting to do zoom workouts and she thought it would be good for us to join. I was hesitant at first my head was filled with dread, thinking I would be judged and laughed at but I agreed and we did the first one, even though I didn’t have my video on I felt completely different towards working out/fitness afterwards, everybody was so nice and normal! I felt amazing afterwards and wanted to do more.

As time has gone on I’ve become so much more confident within myself and fitness, I love it! There is no pressure on how much you can do, what you can do and what you look like. For those 20/25 minutes when we work out together I feel unstoppable and so confident. We achieve together and it’s a great feeling to see everybody just as sweaty as me! I now feel like I finally belong in a community, along with amazing people who I am slowly getting to know each time we go online and I couldn’t thank Alex anymore for having me in his community. I have changed my attitude on fitness, wanting to learn more each time we finish our sessions and I will be coming out of this crisis a completely different person.”


Thank you from the Humans of HIIT community for sharing your story!


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