Shahna Anstill

“I have danced since the age of 7, once I started intense dance training at university, age 19, I began doing more bootcamp sessions and conditioning along with my dance training. As a dancer the industry can be hard, you’re taught very early that to get jobs after you have graduated, you need to be a size 6/8 as they judge you on your appearance.

I was luckily already a size 6/8 but I developed an unhealthy relationship with food for about 2 years. This was because I was scared of putting weight on and not getting jobs after graduating. In my third year of university I tried to educate myself more with how nutrition will complement the exercise that I was doing, I fell in love with learning about this end after working abroad for a year dancing as well as leading activities like stretching and water aerobics, I took further action to gain qualifications to become a personal trainer.

I help loads of people with their health and well-being, but my main focus now is to also to help the dancers that need to be educated on how to fuel their bodies right, to get the most out of their training but to also fuel them for their long days of rehearsals and shows after graduating when they do get their jobs!”



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