Something New

Humans of HIIT Founder Alex here and I’m trying something new! 

Am I good enough? Will I be taken seriously? Will I fail? 

The usual questions I  have used in a professional setting to  understand the barriers to sport participation and to develop techniques to motivate others to be active. From managing participation programmes to challenging myself ‘on the field’, I have always thought of myself as confident in the world of sport. 

Now, the unknown feeling of my new venture makes me feel anxious. It’s been a long time since I have felt this way and for the first time, I am asking myself these questions. If anything, I can now relate even more to those who are scared. 

I believe in my ability and passion for helping people get into sport or starting a fitness journey but, there has been one factor that has made this possible, SUPPORT.

From my amazing friends, family, fiancé and YOU, the Humans of HIIT community. 

This is what this movement is all about. Supporting others to be active. We share stories, have fun, start healthy conversations and give people the support they need to start an activity. 

So why create a blog? As Humans of HIIT rapidly evolves, I want the community to be at the core so I will be updating you every step of the way. Also, I want to share cool things from within the world of physical activity and working out. 


What is coming up? 

The podcast and collaborative story partnerships are well under way! Currently, we are finalising the podcast graphics and then they’ll be ready for release! Our guests are being kept top secret because our big reveal is going to be awesome. 

We are currently working on a new campaign with @Vybe365 and I can’t wait for this to be shared in the near future. 


Want to feel inspired? 

A cool clip I want to share with you is from the BBC and Madu Mmesoma Anthony, an inspirational 11 year old ballet dancer. He demonstrates there are no barriers when you are doing something you love. There are also lessons to be learnt from his mother’s supportive words at the end.

Check it out! 


A Recommendation

I’ve got to say, I turned my nose up when I heard Primark were doing fitness bits but I’ve got to say, this skipping rope is really good! For £3 you get a very decent skipping rope for beginners and it lets you adjust the length in case you are on the shorter size like  Becca. Not all jump ropes let you do that!


Future Blogs

These will be written by the amazing Caroline. She is a new member of the team who shares our passion for engaging people in physical activity whilst also being a talented writer. I can’t wait to share all the cool articles she’s writing! 


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